What We Do

What We Do

Our education is about expanding a child’s horizons, not about giving ready-made answers. At Open Minds Campus we nurture an active intelligence which constantly searches and seeks and looks at everything in every possible way. And above all, it is for a child to know the joy of wondering about life.

All aspects of the school are designed to kindle the innate urge within every child to learn and know. The prime focus is not only on developing a child’s intellectual capacities, but also to provide opportunities to explore other dimensions of life and self-development.


Our school day starts promptly at 8:00am and finishes at 2:00pm.

  On Fridays we finish school at 1:00pm.


Primary Phase

The Primary Phase syllabus presents a unified whole, covering the stages of development of the six/seven year old through the fourteen year old. Each year gives a foundation for the next, and builds on what came before. The fulfillment of Primary Phase work, however, truly comes to fruition in the High School Phase, where the work of the foundational and middle years is transformed through thinking, reason, and the qualities of intellect that are developing in the High School learner.

The learning is child led. We allow for the child’s desire to learn and discover at their own pace and inclination. Learning through play is valued and encouraged.

A very important aspect of our programme is collaborative learning. Children solve problems in groups and share their findings with each other. Answers will not be automatically provided, nor will methodologies be prescribed. This builds creativity, thinking and problem solving skills.

The carefully prepared indoor environment is designed to inspire children to engage in various learning scenarios and adjusts according to the children’s needs and interests. The space evolves continuously.

  • Reading corners and shelves filled with fiction and non-fiction books, helping to create a love for reading. Reading to the children and story-telling are daily features in the group facilitated activities.

  • Arts and crafts, as well as indoor and outdoor construction areas, are available to the children to encourage innovation, design and creativity, essential skills needed for the 21st  century. The children are inspired to make their own toys and to use the materials in inventive and creative ways.

  • A fully equipped kitchen where children are encouraged to cook and bake.

  • A science laboratory where children are able to explore scientific concepts hands on. The space is ideal for the children that pursue the Cambridge ‘Matric’ science subjects.

  • A history area and projects where children are introduced to various aspects of our past according to their interests, this includes being exposed to various remarkable leaders from history, scientists, artists, etc.

  • A general interest area where children are introduced to our amazing world exploring things like Botany, Zoology, History and Geography.

  • A maths area where children are given the opportunity to develop their skills as well as concepts of geometry and algebra. The materials provided are hands on and assist the children in developing true understanding.

  • A language area where children are given materials to work with to develop their grammar and spelling skills and to develop an understanding of English, this includes poetry, creative writing and exploring the syntax of language.

  • A research area that has a computer and access to internet as well as encyclopedias.

  • An engineering materials area, which could include electronic and mechanical parts on display e.g. circuit boards; electric motors; as well as aeroplane, engine, motorbike, bicycle, robotic, radio, television, cell phone and clock parts, for students to experiment with.

  • Agricultural area with old and new implements on display for cultivating, harvesting, irrigation, milking & equipment for horse back riding etc to provoke interest and discussion

If students are keen to follow a specific curriculum, they are encouraged to study on their own or in groups, asking for assistance as and when required.  We will guide them to the various options available to them. A variety of textbooks (Singapore Approach Publications and Cambridge aligned working books) and online options are available.

We encourage our students to start small businesses to learn entrepreneurship skills. The children have the option to create their own wares to sell to the public. This helps build their confidence in developing business creativity, accounting, administration and marketing skills.

There is a large natural playground for the children to engage with. The gardening and permaculture projects allow the opportunity to reconnect with nature and the understanding of natural cycles. The children are also encouraged to cook the food that they grow.

Extra mural activities will also be provided. These activities such as posture alignment, martial arts, general fitness, table tennis, chess club, are outsourced.

High School Phase

The High School phase is a bridge to the future, equipping today’s learners with the capacity for critical thinking, synthesis, and creativity, enabling young adults to develop into thoughtful, engaged, articulate individuals.

There is a strong emphasis in the High School to help develop every learner’s abilities to think creatively and independently. The rich, wide-ranging syllabus (Cambridge, GED and SAT) fosters this endeavor. It combines in-depth discussions, with daily skill-building sessions in math, physics, literature and additional language.

Our environment offers the opportunity for the students to excel and to prepare thoroughly for college and beyond. Elective classes encourage interest-based learning; community service initiatives balance self-development with a greater social awareness.

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