What We Do

What We Do

Our education is about expanding a child’s horizons, not about giving ready-made answers. At Open Minds Campus we nurture an active intelligence which constantly searches and seeks and looks at everything in every possible way. And above all, it is for a child to know the joy of wondering about life.

All aspects of the school are designed to kindle the innate urge within every child to learn and know. The prime focus is not only on developing a child’s intellectual capacities, but also to provide opportunities to explore other dimensions of life and self-development.

Our school day starts promptly at 8:00 and finishes at 14:00

  On Fridays, we finish school at 13:00


Primary Phase

The Primary Phase syllabus presents a unified whole, covering the stages of development of the six/seven year old through the fourteen year old. Each year gives a foundation for the next, and builds on what came before. The fulfillment of Primary Phase work, however, truly comes to fruition in the High School Phase, where the work of the foundational and middle years is transformed through thinking, reason, and the qualities of intellect that are developing in the High School learner.

The learning is child led. We allow for the child’s desire to learn and discover at their own pace and inclination. Learning through play is valued and encouraged.

A very important aspect of our programme is collaborative learning. Children solve problems in groups and share their findings with each other. Answers will not be automatically provided, nor will methodologies be prescribed. This builds creativity, thinking and problem solving skills.

The carefully prepared indoor environment is designed to inspire children to engage in various learning scenarios and adjusts according to the children’s needs and interests. The space evolves continuously.

High School Phase

The High School phase is a bridge to the future, equipping today’s learners with the capacity for critical thinking, synthesis, and creativity, enabling young adults to develop into thoughtful, engaged, articulate individuals.

There is a strong emphasis in the High School to help develop every learner’s abilities to think creatively and independently. The rich, wide-ranging syllabus (Cambridge, GED and SAT) fosters this endeavor. It combines in-depth discussions, with daily skill-building sessions in math, physics, literature and additional language.

Our environment offers the opportunity for the students to excel and to prepare thoroughly for college and beyond. Elective classes encourage interest-based learning; community service initiatives balance self-development with a greater social awareness.

If students are keen to follow a specific curriculum, they are encouraged to study on their own or in groups, asking for assistance as and when required.  We will guide them to the various options available to them. A variety of textbooks (Singapore Approach Publications and Cambridge aligned working books) and online options are available.

Programmes and activities:

Arts and Culture

  • We offer weekly art and craft lessons that encompass a variety of content, skills and value.

  • An external Drama teacher hosts weekly lessons at our school

  • Recorder and singing lessons are offered

  • We currently have a high school student who is giving guitar lessons for a minimal fee.

  • We celebrate and explore special days such as Africa Day, Youth Day, Human Rights Day, Heritage Day, Women’s Day and many other public holidays of cultural origin. This often leads to group discussions which foster good debating skills.  It also helps students to gain a greater understanding of the world at large. 

  • Our termly themes in the primary class cover a broad spectrum of topics, often including arts and culture.

Science and Maths

  • We engage in regular outings such as hiking and camping, which afford the children an opportunity to engage with nature in a very real, hands-on way. There are also opportunities for planting in our school garden

  • We have a fully equipped kitchen where children are encouraged to cook and bake

  • Children are able to explore scientific concepts hands on. Experimentation is always encouraged and we do regular science experiments, often related to our themes

  • The school is surrounded by an exquisite garden and the children are thereby naturally exposed to the world of gardening


  • Group reading happens a lot in our classroom

  • Regular visits to our local library help encourage a lifestyle of reading

  • A wide range of books are available for use in every classroom

  • Reading to the children and story-telling are daily features in the group facilitated activities

Thinking, debating and public speaking skills

  • We encourage guest speakers to come and talk to the students, as role models for public speaking. In the past, we have had guest speakers talk to the children about a variety of topics e.g. Quantum Physics, how to become a pilot, space and drug awareness, a live snake demonstration, to name a few.

  • We have whole school morning circle time, in which students take turns hosting the meetings. Students are also encouraged to participate in Remarkable Character presentations, Book Reviews and Poetry Reading, which happen weekly during group. These are all activities that encourage curiosity, research and presentation skills.

  • Class and school debates and discussions which are often child lead.

Sports and movement

  • Lots of free play in our beautiful garden-like playground. There is an obstacle course on the playground for children to challenge themselves.
  • Mindful Movement and Self-Defence is a weekly class held by an external facilitator who helps the children work on their mind-body connection.
  • Cross country was offered by one of the students, according to supply and demand


  • From time to time, students arrange tuck shop days where they organize the selling of healthy foods. We also have market days as and when the need arises to raise funds for the special projects – such as for missing library books to be replaced.  We encourage our students to start small businesses to learn entrepreneurship skills. The children have the option to create their own wares to sell to the public. This helps build their confidence in developing business creativity, accounting, administration and marketing skills.


  • We have fibre backed WiFi in all classrooms

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