We help your child succeed in life

At Open Minds Campus we instill independence, confidence and the ability to teach oneself.

Your children deserve to be:

  • Prepared for the real world
  • Treated with respect
  • Work in a stress-free environment
  • Able to make their own decisions
  • Able to set their own goals
  • And enabled to pursue their own goals

The world is changing so quickly – how many times will your child have to change careers? Your child should be able to unlearn and relearn independently. Empower your child to thrive in the world after school.

What can you expect of your children after they attend Open Minds Campus?

  • Build a growth mindset & become independent
  • Become self-confident & self-driven
  • Strive for excellence
  • Learn about responsibility, respect & kindness

Open Minds Campus is a school that makes students self-directed. Inspired by The Montessori, Singapore, Finland, and other 21st-century schooling approaches.

How does it work?

Step 1

Come for a meeting

Step 2

Interview student or attend a trial week

Step 3

Your child has a better future


"Open Minds Campus has helped unleash my child's potential as an independent student with a nurturing environment encouraging individual expression, curiosity and creativity. My child understands that he can achieve whatever he puts his mind to and that his future is in his hands because of Open Minds Campus."
Naledi Nhlabati
"My experience at Open Minds Campus will always be close to my heart. The leadership and guidance provided by the teachers, not only ensured that I thrive academically, but also focused on my holistic growth in terms of values, skills, and attitude towards life. I felt that the school culture of OMC was vital to my development as it provided me with life-long tools to succeed in my journey after school"
Nabeelah Hoosan
Past student, final year Bachelor of Education student

A bit about us

Why is Open Minds Campus different?

Resilience & Perseverance

At Open Minds Campus we stress hands-on, experiential and inquiry-based learning that carries with it the ability to take risks, to reach beyond our comfort zones and test our mettle. We work with a child’s natural tendencies to encourage their curiosity and figure out answers in their own way. Sometimes they struggle at first, but then they learn how to see it through.

Emotional Intelligence

Success in life, whether professional or personal, favours those who possess a high ‘EQ’. The Open Minds Campus approach is designed to enhance a child’s sense of connection to the world and to grow holistically. Gaining insight into the human condition and respect for the environment helps our students mature with compassion, empathy and responsibility.

Intellectual Development

Our approach to mastering subject areas across the academic spectrum encourages children to make connections and deepen learning. Our goal is to not simply facilitate a curriculum, but to make the curriculum meaningful and to inspire a lifelong love of learning. If you would like to enrol your child at Open Minds Campus, a five-day trial period can be arranged.

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