Siraj Ghoor

Owner and Founder

Starting a school like Open Minds Campus was not something that I envisioned while in high school. At the time, I imagined becoming a computer programmer, possibly for life.

I completed a B.Com degree at Wits with an Information Systems major and then joined the family business in 1990, as was expected of me. I was not very comfortable with this decision, probably because I lacked business, leadership, and entrepreneurial skills. The industry didn’t particularly excite me either.

Over those years, I had to learn, and still continue to learn, many other life skills.  I had to learn to be self-driven, to persevere, to solve problems, and to find my own answers. I also had to learn to be emotionally intelligent, to trust myself, and to work with people of all ages.

I began an educational book publishing and distribution company while I was still involved in the family business, and also help start and run a community-based school for 3 years.

It was only when our family began homeschooling in 2004, that the seeds of an alternative school were planted in my mind.

I wanted to start a school that would give students a head start in life. I wanted them to enjoy the learning experience. I wanted them to choose their own paths in life. I wanted to help them to learn essential life skills while still at school. I wanted them to avoid the mistakes that most of us make when choosing careers and making important decisions.

I wanted them to be entrepreneurial. I wanted them to believe in themselves. I wanted them to stretch themselves to accomplish what was difficult. I wanted students to learn to work together with others that are not necessarily of their own age group. I wanted them to become life-long learners. I always loved tutoring students and realised that running an alternative school is my dream after all.

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